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The Good Story Project, which went live in October 2020, is a platform for first-person accounts, interviews, personal narratives, and feature articles.

Founded by journalists Swati Subhedar and Prerna Shah who have, between them, an experience of over two decades, it was launched with an aim of providing a platform where stories of all hues and topics could find a safe and balanced space.

Along with the stories, we are now happy to provide the following content services for individuals, organisations, and projects. You can also have a look at our testimonials page to see what our clients and readers have to say about our work.

What are the services that you can contact us for? We have put together a brief gist of services, but don’t hesitate to just get in touch with us if you have any questions. No task is too small, we simply love working with all kinds of copy and content.

Proofreading – We are happy to proofread your book, B2B booklet, presentation paper, or even an entire cache of articles on your website, eliminating typos, minor errors, inconsistencies, spelling mistakes as well as correcting or putting in place missing punctuation.

Editing – Do you need assistance with editing your document? We go beyond proofreading, and enhance your content for flow, grammar, language as well as adding in the element of good writing and storytelling. We can help convert a rough draft into a piece of writing that is impactful, clear, concise and improve the overall readability, clarity, and tone of the text.

Content development – Tailor-made content development that involves either and/or all of the following services, from researching, strategizing, gathering information, writing, and editing.

We help with developing high-quality publishable content for your website, blog, booklet, documentation as well as reports.

Writing – The Good Story Project delivers tailor-made content in the form of blog articles, press releases, newsletters, email copy, copy for social media posts, as well as online web copy and marketing materials.

We can also enhance and rewrite your current website copy so that it is well-structured, engaging and error-free.

Reach out to us: contactgoodstories@gmail.com

A glimpse of some of our recent projects.

Recently, The Good Story Project helped Lucknow-based entrepreneur and industrialist Lakshmikant Jhunjhunwala write his memoir. The book was distributed among his friends and family on August 24, 2022, on his 80th birthday. The Good Story Project was involved in the entire end-to-end process. If you want to know our process and charges and want us to help you write your memoir/book, write to us at contactgoodstories@gmail.com.

Lakshmikant Jhunjhunwala says, “My heartiest congratulations to you! The memoir has come out really well. Initially, when I started narrating my story and when you shared the first few drafts, I was a bit apprehensive about whether my stories from the bygone era would appeal to my children and especially to my grandchildren who belong to a completely different generation. But I am pleasantly surprised that all of them have not just read the memoir, but have absolutely loved the stories. The credit goes to you. The manner in which you have written the story, your choice of words, the narration, the flow, the language, everything is just perfect! Given my age, it was difficult for me to remember the incidents, the dates, and the sequence of events, but you were very kind and patient. The way in which you have weaved the stories and written the entire memoir is very impressive. Again, a big thank you, and congratulations!”


We started working on the above-mentioned memoir of Lakshmikant Jhunjhunwala in November 2021. As part of the project, we also wrote a short memoir for his wife Naina Jhunjhunwala, who is an entrepreneur.

Naina Jhunjhunwala says, “Thank you, The Good Story Project, for penning a beautiful write-up on 60 years of our marriage – a short memoir that we wanted to share with our friends and relatives on our 60th wedding anniversary in December 2021. It was truly incredible that you could weave a beautiful story in such a brief time based on just one narration. The writing was so emotional that my daughters and I had tears in our eyes when we read the draft. You even designed a cover page for the memoir when we requested you to do so as we were running short of time. Our friends and relatives loved reading the memoir. Some of them got in touch with me after the event and said they were so touched by the story and the way it was written that they ended up reading it in one go and multiple times. It was very touching when they said they would preserve the document for life. We even had to re-print additional copies! We are happy with your work and your dedication, and we know that you will do full justice to the book that you are in the process of writing for us that we plan to distribute among our friends and relatives in August 2022. Thank you!”


We loved working with Kasturi Paigude on her debut book. We learnt so much about different ragas, gharanas and Indian classical music!

Kasutri says, “The Good story Project is an excellent platform when it comes to editing, rewriting, fact checking, proofreading and revision of content. Its dynamic team comprising of Prerna Shah and Swati Subhedar helped me with my book ‘Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Celebrating the Centenary’, published by the Publications Division of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, in a number of ways. By giving attention to every detail and revising the content, they have made the book more presentable. Being extremely hardworking, the team worked efficiently and met the deadlines. A big thank you to The Good Story Project team for their valuable contribution to this book.”  


Working with Kumar Manish and the Ahmedabad Fights Corona team by helping them capture and document the excellent work they did during the Covid-19 first and second wave in India was an absolute honour.

Kumar Manish says, “The Good Story Project is one of the rare organizations that truly represents passion with purpose. As part of Ahmedabad Fights Corona, a social initiative, the TGSP team articulated our work in captivating words and captured the attention of the audience with a compelling story pitch. The team also documented six months of work in a lucid manner focusing on the impact of the initiative. The three things which stand out while working with them are — value for money, commitment, and meeting the deadlines. Wish The Good Story Project all the best!”