Client Speak

“The Good story Project is an excellent platform when it comes to editing, rewriting, fact checking, proofreading and revision of content. Its dynamic team comprising of Prerna Shah and Swati Subhedar helped me with my book ‘Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Celebrating the Centenary’, published by the Publications Division of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, in a number of ways. By giving attention to every detail and revising the content, they have made the book more presentable. Being extremely hardworking, the team worked efficiently and met the deadlines. A big thank you to The Good Story Project team for their valuable contribution to this book.”  

Kasturi Paigude, an Indian classical vocalist and academician, author of the book ‘Pandit Bhimsen Joshi: Celebrating His Centenary

“The Good Story Project is one of the rare organizations that truly represents passion with purpose. As part of Ahmedabad Fights Corona, a social initiative, the TGSP team articulated our work in captivating words and captured the attention of the audience with a compelling story pitch. The team also documented six months of work in a lucid manner focusing on the impact of the initiative. The three things which stand out while working with them are — value for money, commitment, and meeting the deadlines. Wish The Good Story Project all the best!”

Kumar Manish, Team Gujarat Fights Corona

From our readers, authors, and contributors

The Good Story Project has demonstrated that in a world rocked by chaos, our ability to choose where to focus our mind is our saving grace. The Good Story Project, born in the chaos of the pandemic, has shone the spotlight on what is redeeming about us, and what it means to be human. The element of pain was present in all stories, but so was the strength and hope that helped change the mindset of those reading them. Thank you, The Good Story Project, and Happy Anniversary!

Anjana Deshpande, Licensed clinical social worker, Philadelphia

American song writer and children’s author Carly Simon once said, “Everyone has problems, and learning to share them is essential. Hiding pain requires an enormous amount of energy; sharing it is liberating.”

Indeed. Sharing the story about my wife’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis and eventual death with The Good Story Project, liberated me. It will be six years since she died on September 14, 2015, and every waking moment sometimes becomes painful, especially on her birthdays, festivals, or the time nearing September 14. 

But knowing that there are others who suffer like you, makes it easier to put one foot in front of the other, each day. In the polarized times we live in, the internet and social media often becomes a place for spewing and/or spreading hatred. But The Good Story Project helps us to channelise our grief or pain and process it better.

I thank Swati and the team of TGSP for allowing me to share my story about Dr Raksha Naik and for dealing with my thoughts and words with compassion and sensitivity. Hope this wonderful platform helps others get comfortable about sharing their feelings too. May this be the first of many anniversaries of sharing pain, spreading positivity and celebrating the human spirit. God bless.

Nitin Naik, Sports journalist, Mumbai

The Good Story Project is a breath of fresh air in the times we live in. Reading such stories makes one marvel at the strength of individuals to overcome grief, loss, disability, poverty and much more. The stories cover a wide range of human experience – from cooking for patients to dealing with life-changing paralysis. But all of them have one thing in common — a salute to the human spirit. Happy Anniversary, TGSP! Keep the stories coming.

Shiboli Chatterjee, journalist, Mumbai

It’s always great to see positive stories being shared and people taking inspiration from them. We thank The Good Story Project for the wholesome story they did on our inclusive café Nukkad. The story has sent a very positive message across society, and we are glad that people are now discussing things like why it is essential to think inclusive and conceptualize and promote work cultures and ecosystems which are accessible and non-discriminative.

The Good story project is a much-needed platform that is writing and sharing stories of impact and attempting to create a society that promotes equality. We are grateful for their efforts and wish them great success on their first anniversary. Looking forward to more such valuable content in future.

Priyank Patel, founder & managing partner, Nukkad Tea Café, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Dear The Good Story Project,

Thanks to you, the world of your readers and contributors is filled with hope and optimism. Reading about travails of ordinary people doing something extraordinary despite facing adverse situations, makes the readers believe in the miracle that is life. Please keep sharing such stories for many more years to come. Wishing you a very warm one-year anniversary!

Gurudas Pai, a Mumbai-based proprietor

The Good Story Project has shown that there is always a larger human connect and element of hope in every story told of distress or pain. With each piece they came out with, whether of spinal injury or mental health, we got a step closer to real newsmaking and knew a little bit of us existed in every story we read.

The series that they did on grief and loss resonated with me. Writing a piece on coping with the grief of losing my father in 2016 to Motor Neuron Disease after he put up a brave fight for 23 long years and then suddenly and unexpectedly losing my mother to Covid in 2020 was truly cathartic.

I wish them luck for their future and know that they will rise and shine as the stories come right from their heart to ours. Congratulations on your anniversary! Keep going strong.

Pooja Ganju Adlakha, Noida-based content writer

The launch of The Good Story Project couldn’t have been more timely. In a world that was experiencing a once-in-a-century upheaval because of the COVID pandemic, TGSP took birth as a beacon of hope, providing the assurance that sheer willpower and determination can help overcome all odds, conquer any adversity. How would I know? I was one of those who greatly benefitted from the positivity and goodness of human tales of extraordinary grit, strength, and purpose, lending a new meaning to life and prompting a reassessment of priorities — what emerged was the belief that life is indeed beautiful!

TGSP is a fountain of hope, reassuring everyone about the abundance of human goodness; it’s an easel for the canvas called life in all its splendour; an athenaeum of everything that constitutes, well, a good story. Long may you continue to spread joy and belief. May the force of all that is good be with you!

A Bangalore-based communication professional, who wishes to be anonymous

I lost my father when I was just 13. In all these years, I have never really spoken about him. I don’t even remember what it was like when he was around or how different things could have been if he were alive today. I will never know what it means to have a caring and protective father.

Time is a great healer, however, with time, our memories fade. I am grateful to The Good Story Project for giving me a platform to write about the grief my losing my father. It was for the first time I was writing about him and the void that got created when a road accident snatched him away from us.

Writing is a powerful medium and I am glad I wrote that story because that piece will stay with me forever. I can keep going back to it to keep my father alive in my memories. It will also keep reminding me that nothing is permanent, and we must learn to love our loved ones wholeheartedly.

It’s incredible that The Good Story Project thought of giving a platform to such stories. Happy Anniversary TGSP! Keep more such stories coming!

Eshwari Shukla, content developer, Gurgaon